On-Campus Housing Resources

This page provides information and contacts for on-campus housing resources. If there are other UCSC resources or programs not listed that you feel would be important to include, we encourage you to share your feedback.

UCSC Community Rentals

“Our mission is to provide quality service to students by maintaining up-to-date rental listings and resource information and to promote student life by actively participating in the education and development of students as responsible renters and members of the local community. We provide tenant and landlord rental education through an online Renters Workshop and rental forms and resources to students, faculty, staff, and local community constituents.”

Disability Resource Center: Housing Accommodation Requests

If you have a disability that impacts your ability to live in the standard housing environment, you can request a housing accommodation to modify the existing living environment (e.g. an ADA accessible room, debunked bed, visual fire alarm, etc.).