On-Campus Financial Resources

Financial Aid and Scholarship Office

If you are a student who qualifies for financial aid, the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is a resource that may be able to assist in immediate financial needs. The following two resources are available to students who have maximized their financial aid options (not including parent loan). You can inquire on these two programs by visiting with an adviser at Financial Aid and Scholarships located at 201 Hahn Student Services or by contacting 831-459-2963.

  • Emergency Advances - This assistance is available to currently enrolled students with pending financial aid for a term which has begun or who are employed and in need of short term financial assistance. For more information on qualifications visit Emergency Advances Amounts vary for short term loans but typically do not exceed $1,000.
  • Miller Scholarship - These one-time funds are available to students who have maximized all of their financial aid options (aside from parent loan) and are experiencing an emergency situation for costs tied to their education. For example, medical expenses incurred by the student outside of those paid by insurance. Documentation of the incurred educationally related expense is required for consideration for this fund. Amounts vary but typically do not exceed $2,000 for an academic year.
Students who are dependent may submit an Appeal for Independent Status based on specific adverse family situations for purposes of determining financial aid eligibility. The UCSC Financial Aid website provides further information on appeals for independent status.

Other Resources

The Slug Support Program is another resource for financial assistance for emergency situations, such as medical co-pays. You may contact Slug Support directly for additional information.

For students who are part of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), UCSC EOP also provides emergency financial assistance.

Financial Wellness & Literacy

The UCSC Financial Aid website provides a financial literacy resource page, including the following: