Food Pantries and Immediate Food Assistance

The hours of operation listed for the resources below may have changed in response to COVID-19. Please contact the resources directly for the latest updates.

This page includes location, hours, and general information on various food pantries on campus run by both Student Services and student government (SUA). 
We strive to offer a variety of healthy and culturally relevant produce options, in addition to pantry staples like rice, grains, and proteins. We welcome your feedback and recommendations, and encourage students to share their thoughts on how we can improve our food pantry options and experience.

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Map of On Campus Food Resources


[Map Key: Green - Free Food Pantries, Yellow - EBT/Calfresh Accepted Retailers.]

[Click the map markers for more info on each location.]

Slideshow of Resources

On Campus Food/Snack Pantries

If you are a student needing immediate food assistance, you may contact Slug Support directly:

UCSC Slug Support
Location: Hahn Student Services, 245

  • UCSC Dining Meal Vouchers
  • Assistance in applying for CalFresh benefits
  • Access to emergency food pantry 

Phone: (831)459-4446 (Dean of Students Front Desk)

 Dean of Students Slug Support Pantry


Location: Cowell Coffee Shop, next to the Cowell/Stevenson Dining Hall

Hours: Monday: 2:00-6:00, Wednesday: 10:00-2:00, Thursday: 3:45-7:00-enter through the Cowell Commons indoor entrance!
Graduate Student Pantry Hours: Tuesday 3:45-6:00-enter through the patio!

  • Offering local, organic produce, pantry staples, and Cowell Coffee Shop prepared culinary stapes, preserves and more!
  • COVID-19 precautions are in place. Masks and social distancing required, appointment system in place, and staff will pack your items
  • Make an appointment here
  • Bring your own bag! 

Follow UCSC Food for All, @SlugSupportPantry for updates on hours, fresh deliveries, and current menu.

SUA Food Pantry & Lounge

SUA Food Pantry & Lounge Logo
Location: Athletics and Recreation Front Office across from the pool

  • Choice-based student-led food pantry and lounge space
  • Fresh produce, ready-to-eat meals, and non-perishables
  • Snacks, coffee, tea, & microwave are available
  • Current UCSC ID necessary to receive food

Isabella Bullock | Vice President of Student Life |
Pantry Managers |

Like SUA Food Pantry & Lounge, @SUAFOODCENTRAL, on Facebook for updates on hours, fresh deliveries, and current menu.

For more information, go to our pantry website at

ERC Snack Pantry

ERC Pantry Flyer
Location: Ethnic Resource Centers, Third floor of the Bay Tree Building
  • Choice-based food pantry
  • Healthy snacks and dry goods
  • Must sign in at the front desk to access pantry
Accommodations Contact: or call (831) 459-2427

Cantu Queer Center Food Pantry

Location: The Cantú, behind Merrill College & next to KZSC

Self-service pantry & full service kitchen
Accommodations Contact:

Undocumented Student Services

Snack Closet and Fresh Produce Distribution
Academic Resource Center, Room 216
Physical location closed until further notice
Contact: or (831) 459-4055

Cowell Coffee Shop

The Cowell Coffee Shop is a student-run cafe designed to increase food security by providing free food to all students. During COVID, the Coffee Shop has partnered with the Slug Support pantry to provide a variety of foods to students via online appointments. This includes meal kits, non-perishable goods, and fresh produce from local farmers' markets. Due to remote conditions, the Coffee Shop has also been increasing its social media presence through the new UCSC Basic Needs Blog and the Youtube channel. Additionally, in the fall the Coffee Shop team will be operating a CASFS mobile Food Hub, which is a 16' food trailer that will distribute a variety of foods. 
Near the Cowell College Dining Hall.

CASFS Mobile Food Hub

Coming soon.
Oakes College

On Campus Food Retailers (EBT Accepted)

The CalFresh Program, formerly known as Food Stamps and federally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP, can add to your food budget to put healthy and nutritious food on the table. The program issues monthly electronic benefits (EBT) through a card, similar to a bank debit card, that can be used to buy most foods at many markets, food stores, and farmers’ markets; on-campus EBT retailers and farmers' markets are listed below. The UCSC Slug Support Program provides assistance and more information on how to apply for CalFresh. 

UCSC Produce Pop-Up

Produce pop up with students

Stay updated on our Facebook page at UCSC Produce Pop-Up and on Instagram at @ucscproducepopup for our operations.

Produce stand with fresh fruits & veggies from the UCSC Farm & Santa Cruz Farmers' Market; Cash, check, & EBT accepted. 

Double Up Food Bucks Program - we'll match every CalFresh dollar spent with double the amount of produce
Like UCSC Produce Pop-Up on Facebook for updated schedule and weekly produce items.

Kresge Natural Foods Co-op

Kresge Coop

Closed due to Covid-19 until further notice.