UCSC Basic Needs Internships, Job & Volunteer Opportunities

2020-2021 Available Internships:

CASFS Remote Internship 

This Fall, CASFS is offering a remote survey internship to introduce students to CASFS diverse sites, programs, production practices and ongoing opportunities. Through weekly live sessions, small group discussions, and pre-recorded video content, students will learn about soil fertility management, basic horticultural skills, principles of propagation, intensive gardening and cooking with the seasons. The internship includes a “grow-at-home” component where students will be supplied with materials and guidance for micro-greens gardening. Students living in Santa Cruz will also have access to seedlings from the CASFS farm to grow at home. Students will also connect their work to the broader food system as a whole, and learn how to continue to engage with CASFS throughout their academic careers.

We can host 2-unit interns, which is a six-hour per week commitment. 

The internship will consist of the following on a weekly basis:

  1. 1 hour Live Zoom lectures on a topic each week - Tuesdays 10-11am
  2. A series of short videos and readings
  3. Q&A sessions with CASFS staff and instructors - Thursdays 10-11am
  4. A “Homeroom” with one staff member as your “Agency Sponsor” to assess progress and learning goals
  5. Independent study and gardening

If you’re interested in this 2-unit Remote Internship opportunity for the Fall, please contact CASFS Research & Education Coordinator Damian Parr at dmparr@ucsc.edu.

Job Opportunities for the 20-21 School Year:

CASFS + CCS Videographer
ER#: #15879

The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, in conjunction with the Cowell Coffee Shop and Basic Needs, are looking to hire two videographers for the upcoming school year. Each videographer will be assigned to one program: one to the Coffee Shop, with a focus on our culinary and distribution efforts, and another to the CASFS Farm & Garden, with a focus on capturing farming and gardening activities. This is a dynamic, on the ground opportunity to work with a diverse group of staff and students while developing and honing your skill set as a videographer.

Cowell Coffee Shop Site Staff
ER #: #7574

The Cowell Coffee Shop is looking for site staff for the upcoming school year! The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) in conjunction with our Basic Needs Working Group partners are hiring students to join a dynamic team to support the opening and operation of our food recovery and student success cafe located at the Cowell Coffee Shop. Selected applicants will undertake training and advisor support to become a positive contributing member to incredible efforts. Job duties will range from learning kitchen basics to fermentation, preservation, and farm to table culinary skills. No experience necessary, just a willingness to learn and a passion for facilitating food access on campus.

CASFS Produce Pop-Up Coordinator
ER#: 13564

Organic and sustainable produce is sourced from the on-campus farm CASFS and vendors from the Santa Cruz Farmers Markets. Under usual circumstances the coordinators are responsible for setting-up, hosting, and breaking down the pop-up stand, along with training and overseeing interns. However, with Covid-19 the produce pop-up will be doing food distributions in collaboration with the Slug Support Pantry, Furthermore, coordinators are a core member of the Food Systems Working Group, a student organization working on Food Systems issues on-campus and beyond. 

Basic Needs & Food Systems Communications Coordinators
ER #’s: Coming soon - contact CASFS Basic Needs Coordinator Margaret Bishop at mlbishop@ucsc.edu if you are interested.

We are looking for students with a passion for Basic Needs, food access, and food systems issues on-campus with experience in communications efforts to assist in promoting our efforts! We are looking for students with experience and knowledge of social media, e-newsletter creation, flyer-making, etc. 

Field Student Manager Position:
ER#: 7158

The Field site will be hiring one Field Student Manager position.  This position is 30hrs/week, for the summer and 20hrs/week during the academic year. Work will start ASAP after the end of the spring 2019 quarter and go through the Spring 2020 quarter.  This position will be engaged in all aspects of our tractor-scale organic production and research including student intern management, UCSC food security production for pop up and food pantries, tractor driving, data collection, database management, weed whipping, and general production assistance.  There will be occasional liaison activities with UCSC organizations and other UC campuses with student farms.  Student Staff are expected to attend regular FSWG (Food Systems Working Group) meetings. We highly prefer that you have participated in a minimum of two quarters of CASFS internships (in the Field or Gardens).  Pay starts at $15/hr. This position will be directly supervised by the CASFS Field Management Staff, Darryl Wong and Kirstin Yogg.

To apply for the position, please submit a resume and cover letter detailing your interest to Darryl Wong (dgwong@ucsc.edu) and Kirstin Yogg (kyogg@ucsc.edu)

If you are interested in learning more about internship and volunteer opportunities with the UC Santa Cruz Basic Needs team, please email Margaret Bishop, CASFS Basic Needs Coordinator, at mlbishop@ucsc.edu.