Off-Campus Housing Resources

This page provides information on off-campus emergency housing resources, as well as tenant's rights information and resources. If there are other resources or programs not listed that you feel would be important to include, we encourage you to share your feedback.
Whether you are living on or off campus, if you are facing housing insecurity and are in need of immediate housing, please contact our Slug Support Team. Our Crisis Resolution page has more information on contacts and next steps for seeking help if you find yourself in a housing emergency. 

Off Campus Housing Resources

Santa Cruz Hostel
Phone: 831-423-8304
Youth Hostel with private and shared rooms. Cost varies, reservations can be made for up to 10 days at a time.

River Street Shelter
Phone: 831-459-6644
32 bed shelter for men and women, call to get on the waitlist (need to call every two days to remain on the list), average stay is 30 days while staff work to connect individuals to stable housing. Breakfast and dinner included; free.

Housing Authority Security Deposit Program
Phone: 831-454-9455 [ext 321]
Financial assistance program for individuals who have secured a rental, but need assistance with the security deposit.

Santa Cruz Tenants' Organizing Committee
Tenants' Rights Hotline
Phone: 831-471-7842 / 831-222-0359
A tenant peer counselor will listen to your situation and walk you through your legal rights. This service is offered free of charge.

Budgeting Guides

Student Renters' Guide

Budgeting 101

Tenants Rights Resource List

From the Santa Cruz Tenants Organizing Committee (SCTOC) Website

California Tenants Handbook - online

You can use this online, download it, or even request a free hard copy by snail mail.

Sample  Letters to Landlords -Tenants Together

Tenant Legal Codes - State of  California

Click the link - In the search box, type the word tenant. The main California civil codes are 1941-1954, there are other important tenant codes sprinkled around. For example, codes 1961-1962.7 are about identification of property owners.

Tenant Legal Codes - County of Santa Cruz

Click the link - On the left column of this page you will see the word 'Browse', and to the right of it, the term 'Advanced Search'. Click on 'Advanced Search' and type the word 'tenant' into the search box.

Nolo Press - Renters  Rights Book, 20th edition

​Wages vs Rent Cost - Stats for California