The UCSC Basic Needs Village

Our Basic Needs team takes a multidivisional approach with staff across the Division of Student Affairs and Success, Social Sciences Division, CHES, and Planning and Budget working together to support students. 

Campus Basic Leadership Team

Akira Bradley-Armstrong (Chair)

Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Success

Tim Galarneau 

Education and Research Specialist, Division of Social Sciences 

Sue Mathews

Associate Vice Chancellor, CHES, Busines and Administration Services 

Katharayne Mitchell, 

Dean of Social Sciences 

Garrett Naiman

Dean of Students, Student Affairs and Success

Kimberly Register

Associate Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget

Working Group Core Leadership Team

Kednel Jean (Co-Chair)
Director of Basic Needs, Dean of Students Office

Mariah Lyons (Co-Chair)
Assistant Dean, Dean of Students Office, Student Support Programs 

Tim Galarneau
UC Systemwide Basic Needs Committee Co-Chair, Education and Research Specialist, Center for Agroecology
Contact me about information on food security and basic needs initiatives system-wide and on-campus

Heather Bullock
UCSC Blum Center Director, Psychology Faculty
Contact me about information on food security data system-wide and on-campus

Estefania Rodriguez
Dean of Students Basic Needs Program Manager 

Redwood Free Market, campus-wide food distribution, CalFresh.

Francis Ge 
Center for Agroecology Basic Needs & Student Engagement Coordinator
Weekly Produce Pop-ups, student internships, and the UCSC Food Systems Working Group

Brooks Schmitt
Center for Agroecology Cowell Coffee Shop Food Supervisor
Cowell Coffee Shop or the Center for Agroecology Mobile Food Hub

Desiree Ryan, Melina Singh & Emily Hentschke
UCSC Food Security & Basic Needs Graduate Student Researchers,,
Contact us about information on food security data system-wide and on-campus

Basic Needs Student Leads 

Whitney Pham, Center for Agroecology Basic Needs Communications Coordinator

Cyrus Martinez-Weaver, Dean of Students Basic Needs Communications Coordinator 

Bryon Anderson, Redwood Free Market Operations Coordinator

Joy Swanberg, Redwood Free Market Kitchen Coordinator

Elijah Solow-Ohashi, CCS Kitchen Lead

Andrew Yniguez, Produce Pop-Up Coordinator

Kirra McColl, Produce Pop-Up Coordinator

Margarida Costa, Produce Pop-Up Coordinator

Michelle Ross, Produce Pop-Up Coordinator