The UCSC Basic Needs Team

Following the UC Global Food Initiative system-wide launch, the UCSC Chancellor’s Office appointed working group chairs, Nancy Chen, Anthropology Department Chair and Tim Galarneau, Specialist with CASFS to launch the UCSC Food Access & Security Working Group - a dedicated group of students, staff, and faculty - in 2015. At present Heather Bullock, Psychology Faculty and Blum Center Director, took over for Dr. Chen and Tim continues to co-support committee efforts.



Tim Galarneau
UC Basic Needs Chair, UCSC Basic Needs Committee Co-Chair
(831) 459-3248
Contact me about information on food security and basic needs initiatives system-wide and on-campus.

Working Group Core Leadership Team

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Kednel Jean
Director of Basic Needs, Dean of Students Office
(831) 459-1738
Contact me about information on slug support and basic needs resources for your success!

Heather Bullock

Heather Bullock
UCSC Blum Center Director, Psychology Faculty
Contact me about information on food security data system-wide and on-campus.

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Estefania Rodriguez
Dean of Students Basic Needs Coordinator
(831) 252-6210
Contact me about Slug Support, CalFresh, and food security resources.

Margaret Bishop 
Basic Needs & Student Engagement Coordinator, Center for Agrecology & Sustainable Food Systems 
(831) 247-0695
Contact me about information on food and farm production and distribution to campus sites and parnters, student internships, and the UCSC Food Systems Working Group


Brooks Schmitt
Cowell Coffee Shop Food Supervisor, Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems
(707) 684-0237
Contact me about anything related to the Cowell Coffee Shop or the CASFS Mobile Food Hub.

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Desiree Ryan, Melina Singh, Emily Hentschke
UCSC Food Security & Basic Needs Graduate Student Researchers , ,
Contact us about information on food security data system-wide and on-campus.

Basic Needs Student Leads 

Gustavo Tellez-Mendoza, Basic Needs Lead Ambassador (Slug Support Pantry Operations)

Arianna Nocelo, Basic Needs Lead Ambassador (Housing)

Hunter Esquivel, Cowell Coffee Shop Programs Coordinator

Gabriela Navarro, Cowell Coffee Shop Co-Lead

Jasper Savlov, Cowell Coffee Shop Co-Lead

Parker Kim, Cowell Coffee Shop Kitchen Lead

Reya Borbridge, Slugs in the Kitchen Coordinator

August Gage, Food Systems Working Group Land-Based Co-Chair

Akira CocitaProduce Pop Up Coordinator

Jasmine Krause, Food Systems Working Group Co-Chair, Produce Pop Up Coordinator

Cathleen Hsieh, Produce Pop Up Coordinator

Simone Wright, Produce Pop Up Coordinator

Margaret Johnson, Produce Pop Up Coordinator

Whitney Pham, Basic Needs Communications Coordinator

CalFresh Ambassadors 

Nisse SpicerDean of Students CalFresh Lead Ambassador