SUA Student Advocate's Office

The SUA Student Advocate's Office is a non-partisan, confidential, office of advocates/caseworkers that assist students in need. We address both micro and macro-level issues in student life to create a more cohesive, fair, and equitable campus environment.

Our caseworkers and staff serve as a bridge between you and the administrators. Their primary roles are to serve as trained mediators between a student’s case and the administration they may come in contact with. All Student Advocates are trained on policies in each department to which they advocate for (e.g. Financial Aid, Student Conduct, Academic appeals, the Registrar, CEP, Slug Support, Basic Needs, Food Insecurity, Mental Health resources, emergency fund, etc). 

The Office is comprised of four different branches: Financial Aid, Basic Needs, Conduct/Grievances, and Academics. If you have any issues with financial aid, food insecurity, homelessness, mental health, conduct, and/or academics, you can contact the Student Advocate's Office for help.

For more information, visit the SUA Student Advocate's Office website.